I am really displeased that American Idol has come down to a pretty boy, wanna-be boy band heart throb and a guy who looks like Kurt Russell in drag.

Neither one of them is particularly good or interesting to me. To me, Kris Allen isn't very original or grabbing and Adam Lambert would be great if you were in a nightclub in North Beach, San Francisco or in a burlesque show on Broadway. But come on now. That high note makes my baby cry and my dog bark every single week. Ok, Adam, we know you can hit the Axl Rose screech. We don't need to hear it incorporated into every song.

So those are my choices? Pass, thanks.

Last year was even more annoying. You had David Archuleta who looked like a young Robert Blake (see TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE if you don't believe me) and was more annoying than a fly stuck in your car the entire distance of a long road trip. And then you had wanna-be rocker David Cook, whose voice, frankly, sounded like every other guy on the radio.

So who HAVE I liked?

Call me a metrosexual if you must, but I LOVE Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I think they are both tremendously talented singers and I could listen to their music for hours. They, of course, went on to win it all.

But one singer I really liked deserved better than he got. I think Chris Daughtry is amazing. He finished fourth in the show's 5th Season. He has gone on to become the 4th biggest success in terms of record sales behind Clarkson, Underwood, and Clay Aiken.

So there. I don't hate everyone on American Idol. But I really do think Simon has lost his mind with Adam Lambert. He usually doesn't fall for the "laying on thick" performances. I think, honestly, viewers have fallen for the glam and the glitz and the burlesque appeal of Lambert. I don't think his singing is all that.

Oh well. I'll keep listening to Clarkson, Underwood, and Daughtry and hope next Season we end up with something better.

Sorry, Danny Gokey. I was rooting for you. I was sure you would have made it to at least tonight.

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