Hey!! YOU!! Stop!! Don't do that!! Are you actually thinking of plugging in your Blackberry and iPod to charge?? And is that a Nintendo DS charging on your night stand?? And an electric razor charging over there?

Are you NUTS??

Don't you realize how much ENERGY all those foolish gizmos are sucking out of Mother Earth's lifeforce?

Yes, the Green Goons and Chicken Littles are at it AGAIN.

It's not enough to go after your car and your house and your big screen television.

Now they want to go after your electronics, too.

A French energy agency is warning how all those gizmos will TRIPLE their energy consumption by 2030. Last year the world spent $80 billion on electricity to power all those cell phones, iPods, portable game machines, etc.

So shame on you again for insisting on living in the 21st Century. Sell all your possessions. Unplug everything you own. If it requires electricity, get rid of it.

Drive a snail of a car around. Don't have kids. Don't vote Republican. Eat tofu, not red meat.

And after all that, if you aren't too tired, just hum your favorite songs and try not to release anymore carbon into the air than you already have you evil human.

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