Ever stop to think how funny it is that we react to some animals with joy and others with fear? I mean...comparable animals, not kitty cats and cougars. Let me illustrate.

Squirrels and rats are essentially both vermin, right? But we act very differently when a rat runs out in front of us than when a squirrel does. Why? Because a squirrel is a glorified and beautified rat. Plain and simple. The rat has a long, wiry tale that's freaky looking and a squirrel has a great big bushy one that looks so soft and cuddly.

Plus squirrels have giant, pretty, black eyes and rats have beady little red ones.

Ever see someone bend down and try to pet a wild rat when it runs out between garbage cans? Nope. But they will let squirrels run up their legs and eat out of their hands.

Another example of this is the difference between butterflies and moths. Come on now. Moths have a bum rap. Why? Because they are generally grey and lifeless looking. They look like flying death. Butterflies have the benefit of being colorful and pretty and fun.

Who the heck wants a moth landing on them? I will never forget the night I was driving my two young sons home when a moth got into the car. You would think it was a vampire bat from the way they reacted, cowering below the seats in fear of Mothzilla.

If it had been a butterfly, they would have hoped for it to land on their finger. They would have built it a habitat and named it.

See where I am getting with this?

Funny to think about isn't it?

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