My family and I usually are quick to send movies back on Netflix. The faster you send them back, after all, the faster you get the next movies on your list.

It's not often we hold on to one for very long, unless the kids are hooked on a particular title, in which case they will hold on to it for weeks sometimes.

But my wife and I tend to be more picky about our flicks. That's why I think it says volumes that we have held onto "Ghost Town" for several weeks now. I, myself, have seen it 4 times now. I think that warrants a trip to the store to purchase it now. It was THAT enjoyable.

I vaguely remember being aware that this movie was in theaters last year, but with 6 kids and little free time, it didn't surprise us that we didn't see it on the big screen.

"Ghost Town" is my kind of movie. Witty dialogue. Hysterical humor. Quirky but charming characters. And a story to tug at your heart strings and make you feel GOOD.

If "The Sixth Sense" were a comedy, it would be "Ghost Town".

It stars Ricky Gervais (lead writer of the British version of "The Office" television series) as Bertram Pincus, a not-so-nice New York City dentist who seems to hate all of humanity. The only reason he is able to deal with his patients at all is because he has the luxury of shoving cotton balls in their mouths and shutting them up. His colleagues loathe him. He has no friends. He lives very much alone. The only person who is friendly towards him is the door man at his apartment building. But what goes around, comes around, right?

I won't spoil too much here, but something happens that curses Pincus with the ability to "see dead people" just like the boy in "The Sixth Sense", only these ghosts aren't scary. They are spirits who, once they realize a living person can see them, flock to Pincus in hopes that he will assist them with tying up loose ends left unresolved by their untimely deaths.

One of those is co-star Greg Kinnear who plays Frank Herlihy. Frank is a fast talking wheeler and dealer who hopes Pincus will help him get between his widow (played by Tia Leoni) and her new love interest.

What ensues is one of the best scripts I have heard in FOREVER. The cast is brilliant and the message is sweet and heartwarming.

The scene where Pincus refuses to answer most of the questions asked by the nurse as he is being admitted is CLASSIC and very relatable.

There's one memorable scene like that  after another. The story never drags. You never lose interest.

It's about falling in love and letting go of those that leave us behind.

Looking for a feel-good comedy that isn't the same old thing? Ladies, want a movie you can watch with your "man" without him feeling it's too much of a chick flick? This one's for you.

Check out "Ghost Town" today. This one is a keeper and I am sure you will enjoy it!

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