Many of you didn't want to wake up today. Many of you hate or dread or fear your jobs. You hate Mondays because of it.

You know who you are the ones who count the minutes until you can clock out on Friday and the ones who can't fully enjoy your weekend because you are filled with anxiety about having to start the cycle all over again.

Especially lately, we have put our focus on the numbers of unemployed in America.

What about the numbers of "misemployed" as I like to call them. Those numbers are far greater than the number of people out of work.

People get into jobs that they hate and they wonder why they are never successful at them. They fail to understand that one of the truest laws of the Universe (not to mention good old common sense) is to find something you are passionate about and achieve success through doing it as often as you can.

How can you be a truly successful driver if you hate being on the road? How can you be successful at customer service if you hate dealing with people? How can you be a good accountant if numbers fill you with dread? You see where I am going with this.

Everyone wants to be successful, right? And most of us want to earn more than just a decent living. But the only tried and true way of doing this and achieving our goals is to find something we LOVE and are GOOD at and RUN with it!

If you hate your job you have no one to blame but yourself. Remember that. As scary as it may be, you CAN leave your current situation or strive to make it better.

Life's too short to spend it with the wrong person and in the wrong job. Two very powerful, yet simple, truths.

Find something that makes your heart and imagination soar. And start doing it today.

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