Republican party has turned on each other Manny Ramirez is taking female hormone and Paula Abdul is denying she told Ladies Home Journal she was addicted to drugs even though they had details of your detox.

Weird show but fun show and always great when the Judge and I are back in same studio. We had a bunch of great guests today Senator Jeff Sessions Geraldo Rivera and Chris Wallace along with Fred Barnes. With all we talked about where Republican party should be heading and where it shouldn't and I dare anyone to say anything about the party without using Ronald Reagan as an example. As Jeb Bush has been saying they have to put Ronald Reagan away and open the party up to the next generation.

Dems feeling good about themselves but as they sign off on all this spending and defense cuts they are also taking ownership. With ownership comes a true report card and they may not like the grades. If they get on honor roll the GOP is done for at least 4 years.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your loyalty..