Just when I thought the hype and hysteria over the Swine Flu was over, it looks like some people just can't give up the overreactions to it.

Jay Levine reported on CBS News in Chicago that the University of Illinois banned handshakes at graduation ceremonies this year.

Why? Are they intentionally forgoing manners this graduation season? Nope. But they ARE overreacting to the Swine Flu hysteria.

You see, it's not safe to shake hands anymore.

What's interesting is that the University did not consult REALITY when they made this silly decision.

You see, according to Illinois Department of Public Health, the "regular" flu kills an average of 3,500 people a year statewide.  That equals almost 10 people A DAY on average.

And yet as of the 1st of May, there have been only THREE confirmed cases of swine flu in Illinois. THREE CASES. And none are serious by any stretch.

But 10 people will die today (on average) in Illinois due to the typical flu.

Hmmmm. Why didn't the University ban handshakes at graduation ceremonies long ago? Why not in 1993, for example, when more than 4,000 died of the flu in Illinois? There wasn't a shortage of surgical masks THEN. Why not??

If we are going to go to the extreme of not shaking hands with people, maybe we should go further. No opening doors. No public telephones. No library books. No eating in restaurants. No movie theater outings. No playgrounds. No gym workouts. No public transit.

No breathing outside of our ridiculous little bubbles we put ourselves in.

That's the solution! No breathing AT ALL!! Let's all take a deep, collective breath, and pick up our marbles and common sense before it's too late!

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