I have a giant bookshelf heavy with motivational thinking books. From Napoleon Hill's classic Think & Grow Rich to almost everything by Og Mandino, Abraham-Hicks, and Jack Canfield.

Although the movie and book versions of The Secret got millions into the "New Thought" movement, the principles have been around for a very long time. That project was actually based on the Wallace Wattles must-read The Science of Getting Rich which is a 100 year old book.

I am always adding to my collection and this week bought How to Think Like a Millionaire by self made millionaires Mark Fisher and Marc Allen.

Of the hundreds of books I have read on the subject of wealth creation and the law of attraction, this thin but elegant book is amazing read for what it conveys in just 114 pages.

You could read this book in an hour perhaps, but the down to earth advice and basic principles outlined for you will change the way you THINK. And that is exactly what they aim to do.

You see, so many people strive to be rich and wealthy (two different things I have found from all of these books on the subject), but few ever develop the mindset that will lead them to their dreams of prosperity.

To be a millionaire, you must THINK like one. And these two gentlemen outline the basic principles that will change your current thought patterns and get you well on your way to thinking the right thoughts.

Fisher and Allen debunk all of the excuses most of us use, right at the beginning of the book. I am too old. Too young. Not educated enough. Not enough capital to start a business. Etc. That's just a pattern of negative thinking that has been in us for a long time, perhaps since childhood.

They move on to helping the reader identify and remove self made obstacles, plan goals, and ultimately do what they LOVE for a living.

One of the main points they stress is doing what you LOVE to do. It will make the accumulation of wealth that much easier because you need to find a worthy goal that is worthy of your particular talents.

Read it and let me know what you think!

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