We all know that President Bush is NOT to blame for...for...wait. I stand corrected. EVERYTHING was President Bush's fault. Sorry.

And we all know that the GOP agenda goes after children and the elderly...spotted owls and our sky and waters, too.

But did you know the GOP agenda may have led to Jack Kemp's death over the weekend from cancer?

Senator Arlen Specter suggested in an interview with Bob Schieffer that if the GOP had been more reasonable about health care, Jack Kemp could be alive today.

Can you IMAGINE this?? This sounds almost as ridiculous as John Edwards pronouncing that the crippled would get up and walk if John Kerry had been elected President.

In the interview, Specter said, ""If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine."

How insulting to not only the GOP itself, but more importantly, to the family of Jack Kemp.

And Specter is contradicting himself...he claims it saved his life. Why wouldn't it have saved Kemp's life, too?

With each passing day, Specter makes less and less sense. I wonder how long the Democrats will be celebrating his switch to their ranks.

But then again, they tolerate and celebrate a lot worse than Specter.

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