Is Biden making things up or revealing things he shouldn't. You make the call ..Or is the VP's family more important then the American people when it comes our health. I think he is full of it and too arrogant to admit it. This former Senator is a loose cannon and is too close to the switch to dismiss personally I think if Obamas numbers come down in 3 years he'll be shown the door before the next election.

Just got a window into the psyche of then Senator Obama though the writings of Harry Reid. In the Senators book now on paper-book, Reid recounts how he went up to Obama after a speech to say how good he was and he said not thank you but, " I have a gift Harry". Reid also said he brought up running for President to Obama in 06 and Obama said he didn't think he could win.

Chrysler deal for me just feels sad. I like the Jeep, the Mini-Van and I just get the sense the worst s yet to come.

Have a great weekend and thanks for making our show so much fun to do...