Economic hysteria. Global warming hysteria. Adam Lambert hysteria.

And now, swine flu hysteria.

Here are two stories you probably AREN'T getting from the mainstream press that is busy trying to get you glued to them by reporting the minute by minute hysteria.

And the hysteria is unwarranted and greatly exaggerated to sell headlines.

Story #1:  The reporting of the "first U.S. death" from the swine flu.

What does that headline imply? Does it imply the death was of a 2-year-old Mexican child who lived and contracted the illness in his home country of MEXICO??

No. It implies a "U.S. death" that makes you picture your spouse or your children or your neighbors or yourself.

This was a FOREIGN CITIZEN who came to America for TREATMENT. The bigger question I have, personally, is why was he in a Texas hospital for treatment and who PAID for it. Sorry if I am practical like that.

Story #2: I can almost guarantee you haven't heard this one yet.

Know that number of 152 or so deaths from the swine flu?

It's actually 7. SEVEN DEATHS. In the WHOLE WORLD...and actually, sorry to offend, but they were ALL in MEXICO!! The two-year-old Mexican child technically died in America, but he got sick in and contracted the illness in MEXICO.

So let's see. We have a global panic going on. All anyone is talking about is the swine flu. And yet on a planet of billions of people, 7 have died and all of them from ONE COUNTRY.

So take a deep breath through your ventilation mask and sit down and calm down.

It's not the end of the world.

Oh, and Adam Lambert is the second biggest source of hysteria on the planet right now.

And don't look now, but he really isn't that good.

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