Great idea..lets end a jet liner followed by fighter jet into New york City and not tell the President or the Mayor. That’s what happened Monday and although no one was hurt thousand were running for their lives and all involved in thathair brained operation should thank their maker they are not looking at multiple lawsuits from heart attack victims and more.

Am I the only one who is concerned that that number one terror target in the world New York City was in the dark about this low flying air force one run that even caught the mayor off guard. Get this- they say the President didn’t know about this.
Can you imagine that outcry if Bush did this? forget about it- there would have been screaming headlines.

By the way while we talk about Swine Flu the govt has been buying GM and settling with Chrysler cant wait to see the details of these deals!!

Hope you are enjoying the show and thanks for being apart of our three years behind the Mics. We have never had as much fun and passion as we have had in the last few weeks and this community deserves so much credit. Spread the word!!