We end the week with what we started with the release of the CIA TOP SECRET documents. Now even President Obama concludes what we have been discussing all we that he does not need this fight and the Republicans will fight him every step of the way. Its making us remember what we went though on 911 the mindset we have and makes one wonder why exactly feel we should not have the 9/12 mindset now. Al Qaeda is not close to have their say in Pakistan wreaking havoc in Afghanistan why should we feel more secure.

Don’t look for the CIA to bail us out or take the hit if we are hit, because America is making it clear we are too morally superior to use hard interrogation tactics

If you are tired of hearing from columnist and pundits and want to find out the facts for yourself then go to George Tenets book. He rationally puts forward to the degree he can, what went on behind the scenes and what results he says were yielded from his tough interrogation tactics. Remember he was appointed by Bill Clinton!!

Have a great weekend

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