More torture talk dominated the show today. Congrads Dems and Congrads President Obama you now officially own the next chapter in the war against Al Qaeda. Yiu have made the new rules condemned the old ones and are looking to examine and shame the acts of the last 8 years.

President Obama if we go 4 years and maybe 8 years without an attack your hunch will be correct. If not thousands will die martial law might be necessary and not only will you have a compromised economy but also a shell of a superpower and an awful lot of explaing to do

The lastest worthy quotes come from Democratic appointed CIA director George Tenet who said the enhanced interrogation tactics yielded more information about our enemy then all the actions of the NSA, FBI and CIA combined.

Hope you are enjoying the show…and appreciate your passion.. Guest of the day for me!! Michael Scheuer!!

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