The Other Half of Talking to Someone Is Listening

Many Americans felt confident that relations with Cuba were finally going to improve after President Obama took his Peace & Harmony World Tour (as I call it) to the oppressed island.  He met with Raul Castro and has a great little talk.

Or so the President thought. Things SEEMED to go as well as a meeting with a tyrant and dictator could, right?

Well, according to Fidel Castro, the senior tyrant and dictator, the meeting with his brother didn’t go quite the way the American President has presented the story.

We were told that Cuba was willing to discuss everything, including human rights violations–which the Castro Brothers are infamous for.

Nope. Not happening. Sorry. You must have misinterpreted what Raul Castro was saying. Cuba is NOT willing to put everything on the table.

And any sensible person would have already known that. Why would a dictator with absolute ironclad control negotiate ANYTHING? If they were into negotiating they wouldn’t be supreme leaders, would they?

Oh and by the way, reducing fees placed on money send from the U.S. isn’t going to happen, either.

Oh well. It made for nice sound bytes, didn’t it? It made people feel good, didn’t it?

Isn’t that all that matters these days? Who needs substance when you have illusions?

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