Fight Words, Not Terrorists!

Here we go again.

Fighting words instead of bad guys.

Remember the term “Global War On Terror” coined by President Bush shortly after 9/11/2001?

Well, liberals have never liked that term much. First it has WAR in it. And it had TERROR in it. And GLOBAL should only ever refer to peace and love and harmony, not to dropping bombs on bad guys. Plus Bush came up with the term, so that in itself is reason for them to hate it.

Well, the Left won’t have that term to kick around anymore, as President Obama has scrapped the term and replaced it with a very nebulous and confusing term–“Overseas Contingency Operation”.


What the HECK does THAT mean??

If you were to poll a thousand people and ask them what the former term means, I am sure most could tell you. It’s IN the name, after all. GLOBAL…WAR…ON…TERROR. Simple. To the point. No beating around the Bush, no pun intended.

Overseas Contingency Operation means NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING.

But as long as it eases liberal consciences, that’s all that matters. As long as we eradicate violent terms instead of violent PEOPLE, all will be well.

This IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. All over again.

And the bad guys are laughing all the way to the Love Fest.

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