I am still sick today and although I am not going to be on the air, I had to get to the computer and voice my absolute DISGUST with President Obama being on Jay Leno tonight.

I think there is a good reason why no other sitting President has appeared on the show. It's in bad taste.

For the love of God, he is the PRESIDENT! Why do people go on those silly shows anyway?? TO SELL SOMETHING. Period. They are there for the publicity and that alone.

There is always a plug for a book, an album, or a concert appearance. And since Obama's poll numbers are beginning their inevitable decline, he needs to sell himself and his policies, too.

Obama is on "The Tonight Show" because his White House is in shambles. He is appearing more and more incompetent by the day, and his staff has so far followed suit.

I stand by my belief that Obama would have been better suited as President of a university than President of the United States.

The office of the Presidency deserves better than a man who will go on a late night fluff show to rub elbows with Hollywood celebs.

It was embarrassing enough when Bill Clinton went on "The Arsenio Hall Show" and played his saxophone like a college frat boy. But even then, he was CANDIDATE Clinton, and not yet the elected or sitting President.

Everything in our society is getting dumbed down. Every day, it's something new.

The White House, apparently, continues to not be the exception.

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