A study came out this week that made me snicker. It CLAIMED that 1 in 50 American children experienced homelessness in the two year period of 2005-2006.

I snickered not out of cold heartedness. I snickered because I knew in my bones that the statistic was a FARCE. It was IMPOSSIBLE. More fear mongering and hysteria to get us to dump trillions more into programs that never solve our problems in the first place.

The study has one major flaw in it. It's WRONG. It set out to find homeless kids and it found them, no matter how they had to go about finding them.

Guess how they did it?

They included kids that weren't homeless at all! If a child is indeed IN A HOME, even if it's a relative's home...does that count as HOMELESS?? It did in THIS study.


They purposefully OVER REPRESENTED the homeless child stats by including more than ONE MILLION kids who were, in fact, living in a home.

Shame, shame, shame.

It's just like the statistics that the gun grabbers love to put out there. You know, the ones that tell us how many kids die from guns every year.

What they FAIL to tell you is they often include "children" up to and including the age of 18. EIGHTEEN!! Is an 18-year-old a CHILD?? What do YOU think of when you hear a story about children dying from gun violence.

Yeah, me too. I picture little kids playing on a swing at the playground or sitting in a classroom at school. Many of these 18-year-old CHILDREN are gangsters and thugs who are killing each other with guns.  But what better way to get the dire numbers you want then to up the age this ridiculously high?

All of this USED to be called cooking the books.

Thank God we now know the truth. Heaven forbid.

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