Many liberals pride themselves that Gitmo will be closing eventually.

Our President is one of them.

What a wonderful world it will be when the scum of the earth--people threatening and plotting to destroy our very life and existence--will be free to be anywhere but Gitmo.

Common sense ALONE should dictate that we need to keep these lowlifes and thugs locked up in a hardcore and DISTANT enough place like Guantanamo Bay.

But common sense isn't exactly what this administration is full of at the moment.

Maybe a news story today will help change their hearts and minds about rushing to close the facility down. It turns out that the Taliban's new operations officer (man, it sounds like a position on a CRUISE SHIP, doesn' t it??) was a former prisoner at Gitmo. To be fair, it was the Bush administration that was in office when he was released.

The bottom line is, though, that he was released. He was let go and set free and now he is plotting the deaths of American soldiers, our allies, and the very people we are supposed to be protecting. AGAIN. ALL OVER AGAIN.

And to add insult to injury, this thug is leading many other former Gitmo detainees who have REJOINED militant forces.

It's like the child molester who we let go again and again to keep threatening and hurting our children. It's irrational.

How many more like him will the Obama Administration release in the manner that the previous administration did?

Liberty and justice won't be able to sustain many more.

Keep Gitmo open. Send a message to the scum we are fighting that we won't STOP fighting until we eradicate them all like the bugs that they are.

Talk tough. Act tough.

Press on and NEVER back down.

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