Another staple of my childhood has fallen victim to the supposed whims of hyperactive and overstimulated children in America.

Anyone who was a kid in the last SEVENTY YEARS probably had a View Master...those binocular like toys that let you slip in slide-type reels to enjoy.

I had hundreds of them and I still buy them on eBay and thrift shops and garage sales. Thousands and thousands were made over the last several decades.

For the Fisher-Price division of Mattel toys, the scenic reels just weren't a popular seller anymore. This is sad.

Remember when you used to be able to visit any scenic landmark in America and buy a set  of View Master reels to take with you? Yosemite. Disneyland. New York City. The Space Needle. Wherever you traveled in this great country, chance were you could find a View Master stand nearby.

Looks like today's kids are too hyperactive and overstimulated to enjoy something so old fashioned as a View Master.

Hogwash. Kids are like this because we ALLOW them to be. Parents are lazy and it's easier to let them fade away on television and video games than it is to sit down with them and actually ENGAGE in something worthwhile.

What a coincidence to prove this theory wrong--I recently introduced our kids to the wonders of Playmobil figures and sets (see a recent blog of mine on this wonderful toy). They INSTANTLY fell in love with them.

Yesterday, my wife treated them to a huge set of pirate ships and treasure and figures to build their collection. We love that they enjoy these "old fashioned" toys and will do anything we can to encourage this wonder.

Stop overstimulating kids. Stop encouraging them to bounce off the walls 24 hours a day.

Go to your nearest toy store and buy a View Master. They will still make the players and the better selling reels (unfortunately Dora the Explorer is among those). Then go to secondary markets and build their collection of these classic scenic reels.

They WILL love them. And you will love re-living your fascination with these fantastic toys.

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