I have been running into the walls of my house all morning long. Actually since late last night when I saw the story that has become the subject of this blog. Reading the story was another knock on the head. But why do people have to be knocked on the head so much? Why do we have to be told continually what is bad for us and how to avoid it and, conversely, what is good for us and how to maximize it?

Scientists are AGAIN telling us what a layperson such as myself has been telling you for 15 years on the air...and even longer OFF the air. And that is: Cutting calories makes a difference!

NO!! Really?!?! You mean if I consume FEWER calories, I will gain less weight than if I consumed MORE calories?? How can this be?? I mean, it's only the law of nature and the universe. But can it be true??

It IS true. And the fact that people who went to school a lot longer than most of us have to spend money to commission studies to figure this stuff out is really disheartening to me.

Experts have been studying diets for years and no one from scientists to Jane and John Doe will ever agree on which ones work and which ones don't. But one thing is for sure, and again confirmed in this research--it really DOES boil down to calories in, calories out.

I have lost over 20 pounds on a lifestyle plan which will remain nameless. How did I do this? Calories in, calories out. I have dramatically CUT the number of CALORIES I consume each and every day. I still take in a healthy amount for my age, weight, and height. But it's a FRACTION of what it was before...back in the days when my stomach ballooned and I cursed myself in the mirror.

So remember, there are enough complicated things in the universe. I can't explain to you how electricity works. I don't really know how a huge jumbo jet can stay in the air. And I wouldn't even dare a guess as to how most things come together or fall apart.

We over-complicate things. Maybe it's just in our nature. Some things ARE as simple as they look.

Cutting calories makes a difference. Too bad it took another knock on the head for us to hopefully GET it this time. OUCH.

Motrin, anyone?

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