shatner_twilight_zone-71987Remember that TWILIGHT ZONE episode where William Shatner looks out to the wing of the plane and sees a Gremlin messing with the plane?

That's how we felt for some of our flight to New Orleans from San Francisco. But the Gremlin was our 15-month-old baby girl.

Actually, she wasn't THAT bad considering it was her first time on a plane. She didn't cry ONCE.

But she SCREAMED about 9 times. Restless, tired, GET ME OFF THIS GIANT CAR screams.

While her daddy was white knuckled on take off and landing, Gingy was laughing her head off. Doesn't she know those are the most dangerous parts of a flight??

Well, we arrived safe and sound. We are just blocks away from an historic cemetery where the Voodoo Queen, Maria Le Veaux, is buried. It's supposed to be pretty haunted from what we have researched. We can't wait to see it.

I love all the old cemeteries here. All the burial plots are in crypts, above the ground, because of the fact that New Orleans is below sea level and burying underground is impossible. So crypts are the standard, which is new to a California guy where people typically just have basic headstones flush with the ground.

Today we head into the French Quarter for biegnets--which I am told are a New Orleans tradition. All I know is that we'd better do a lot of walking or my 20 pound weight loss will reverse itself.

I will keep you posted of all our adventures...right be sure to check back later!

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