A Sex Offender May Be Released Because He Is An Illegal

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This story is enough to give you a stroke.

A sex offender may be released from prison and unleashed on society–all because he is AN ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Never mind that the 18-year-old is considered a high risk offender. Never mind that this creep raped his 5-YEAR-OLD handicapped cousin.

Illegal aliens aren’t supposed to have services for them paid for with public funds. That was the Catch 22. He was sent to a youth development center where he can only be kept until he turns 19.

So not only will he most likely be released, he will most certainly be released UNTREATED.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association says because he is a youth offender, he may not even be deported AT ALL.

Unreal. The system STINKS. We have MILLIONS of people here who DON’T BELONG HERE. And contrary to popular myth, they aren’t all here to work hard and help us out with services. Many of them are preying on innocent people, committing all sorts of heinous crimes.

The bottom line is this: illegal aliens shouldn’t be here. PERIOD. They don’t deserve to share this great country with those of us who played by the rules and the laws of our land.

May any future crime or blood spilled by this thug be on the hands of those who choose to release him upon the rest of us.

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