I can already hear the grumbles and the endless tisk tisks.

The lesbian couple who helped bring gay marriage to America by pushing for its ultimate legality in Massachusetts has...gasp...filed for divorce.

Great Caesar's Ghost! Stop the presses!

You mean...shaking head in disbelief...gays and lesbians are capable of divorce, too????

Of course they are. And it doesn't take too much imagination to predict that opponents of gay marriage will easily use this as an example of why gay marriage is a farce in their opinion.

"SEE??" they will say. "All that passionate fighting for rights, and look what they did with it!! The marriage ENDED! And so soon after they tied the knot!!"

Yes, it's true. A logical person might ponder whether Julie and Hillary Goodridge did the right thing in marrying in the first place.

BUT. BUT...the same could be said of the millions of HETEROSEXUALS in America (and the WORLD) who have parted ways. I always find it interesting that the biggest opponents of gay marriage always frame the debate in terms of "defending" traditional marriage (between a man and a woman). The only thing traditional marriage needs defending against is the 50% divorce rate that HETEROSEXUALS created!!

In other words, have heterosexuals done such a valiant job in defending the sacred institution so many are now passionately trying to defend from gays and lesbians?

This story of the Goodridge divorce is not proof that gays and lesbians shouldn't marry. If it were, then marriage would have to rightfully be taken away as an institution for heterosexuals.

It is only proof that lovers can be fools sometimes. Couples make mistakes. Things can fall apart. Love is hard. And marriage can be even harder.

And it's just as true for gays and lesbians as it is for anyone else.

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