Listen on BlackBerry (Curve, Bold, Storm)

Listen to FOX News Talk on your BlackBerry Curve, Bold, or Storm. All you will need to do is† download our radio application powered by FlyCast.

Click here on your Blackberry, or enter in your Blackberry’s browser to download our application and begin streaming.

What if I don’t have the Curve, Bold, or Storm?
If you don’t have the Curve, Bold, or Storm you can still listen to our live programming if you are a customer of Sprint, Alltel, AT&T, or Cingular. Just dial #FOXN and you can listen to the live streaming broadcasts on your phone for a small monthly fee of $2.99.

Why download our application?
Our application will allow you buffer radio programming for a longer period of time to decreasing connectivity interruptions.

What else do I get with the application?
You will be able to time shift our programs as far back as one hour. So, if you missed the start of your favorite talk show, just start up the application and click the time you want to start listening from (within the last hour). Itís that easy!

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