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FOX on Tech: Xbox One Gets Personal [VIDEO]

(AP Photo / Koji Sasahara)
(AP Photo / Koji Sasahara)

(AP Photo / Koji Sasahara)

The Xbox One is about to take gaming to a very personal level.

FOX Business Network’s Diane Macedo explains:

Audio clip:

FOX on Tech.

Microsoft’s new Xbox One gaming console aims to completely personalize users TV experience – which could end up being a game changer for advertisers. The key is the console’s Kinect feature, which allows users to control their entire TV with their voice, creating a personalized interface for each voice that will gather content from cable, Netflix, iTunes, you name it.

(AP Photo / Koji Sasahara)

(AP Photo / Koji Sasahara)

And the development not only paves the way for more targeted advertising, but a Microsoft patent describes a system where advertisers can so far as to provide incentives for watching certain ads or even performing certain actions that can be detected by the console.

In New York, Diane Macedo, FOX News Radio.

Watch the VIDEO below for more on this story:

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