Housecall For Health: Ambien Risks

Those who take Ambien to get a good night’s rest, may want to look a little bit closer for the side effects.

FOX News Radio’s Marghiee Teshineh has more in today’s edition of “Housecall For Health”:

Audio clip:

People want to know more about the sleep aid Ambien after NBC Correspondent Tom Brokaw was hospitalized for accidentally taking the drug. Ambien is typically used as a short-term treatment for insomnia. It works by slowing down the central nervous system so it’s easier to fall asleep. But, the drug has some side effects, such as confusion or a feeling of unreality and lightheadedness; which could have been enhanced because of Brokaw’s age. He is 72.

Housecall For Health. I’m Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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