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Tom was absent with leave for this week’s podcast. Because three’s a crowd, Ben, Andy and Tim were moved into the VW-podcast booth for a conversation in intimate surroundings.

We learn about the hazards of tall people and head trauma. Ben gets clued in on what’s Ska (and it’s not Irish). Do comedians watch comedies in their off time?

Lots of talk about the horror genre and serial killers ensued.

Did they miss Tom? Find out!

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It was only natural that the guys talked about puzzles, given the way their conversations tend to go up, down and sideways more often than not.

Are right-handed people privileged? Andy seems to think so.

Ben’s a millennial! But somehow he’s not feeling so sanguine about that generation.

Tom’s tired of good sportsmanship! We think Tim agrees.

How does this all tie in together? Like a puzzle, of course!

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This week the gang goes deep into the changing perceptions of what it means to be be a comedian. What’s different today, and how did people’s ideas of who’s likely to be called a comedian change?

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Nary a podcast goes by when we don’t learn something new about Ben Kissel’s life. Let’s just say he manages to bring the “tombs” to life. Neat trick!

What really defines a beard? Tom’s got his own ideas.

Shocking discovery: Alcohol has calories! Should you care?

Outing bad behavior by social media? Thumbs down!

All that and more on this week’s Red Eye podcast.

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Today we learn of Ben’s childhood coiffure and more tales of his amazing grandmother.

If you own a hotel, better glue down all the room accoutrements when Tom’s checking in.

Speaking of hotels, do the boys unpack their suitcases and stow their clothes when lodging? Smart travelers want to know!

And lastly, we thought we’d get through the podcast without having to learn the alternative definition of cropdusting, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

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Oh, it’s the typical weekly stream of consciousness exercise known as the Red Eye Podcast.

And the boys don’t disappoint. Topics include beards, LA, laundromats, buttons, Big Buck Hunter, Steven Seagal…you get the drift.

Rube Goldberg would be proud of the path this conversation took!

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All about joining subscription clubs, and Ben tries to start a movement to have all characters remove their masks in public. Do we really want to kid’s fantasies everywhere?

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The boys are back after the long holiday weekend.

On the podcast docket: it’s the day and not the date, warm tequila, silly fireworks, the effect of gravity on granny pants, and South Dakota’s just not south enough.

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Tom was late (again!) for the podcast. Oops – we mean he was there all along, but just quiet for the first five – er – six minutes. Yeah, that’s it!

We learn of Tom’s dental experiences of late, and how much “caine” it took to squelch his pain.

Ben weighs in with the latest on his modeling career, and the lengths he went to in high school to avoid having to play football. Could it all have been a giant ruse?

Speaking of ruses, what about that Tom Whatshisname and Taylor Swift?

And should men avoid intimacy with women before an athletic competition?

All of this and more on this edition of the Red Eye Podcast.

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Tom shares some stories of what he did for “fun” in his youth. It will make you wince, cringe, and more.

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