Special Edition! Perino & Stirewalt Talk “And The Good News Is…”
Red Eye

Sleep. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Consider yourself lucky if you make it on to Andy’s comedy playlist. He’s falling asleep to you. In a good way. It’s an honor! No, seriously.

Plus, many more fun and exciting things. Like Prada bow ties… exciting and expensive.


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The Red Eye gang welcomes JoAnne Nosuchinsky to discuss dating, Texas, and dance clubs.



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The Red Eye guys discuss appropriate casino behavior, old New York City and the benefits of growing a depression beard.


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The Red Eye gang talks about relationships, old TV shows, and surviving childhood.


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Dating a millennial with no punctuation as threaded through a bad movie, the end of humanity, and meeting ladies roller skating. Life is just one big run-on sentence.

  • Does whiskey cure a bad movie? For example, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.
  • There is a planet in the solar system is about swing by and cause a bad meteor shower. So long folks!
  • Who gets in the VIP bunker if the world ends?
  • And, a special Panel Toss-Up with special sound effects. Like only radio can do. Which is douchey-er: Hover Board or Google Glass?
  • Tom reminisces about the days of meeting girls while roller skating.

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