Red Eye

Ben sounds absolutely Lilliputian at the beginning of this podcast. Someone really put the “micro” in his microphone!  Tom’s in a regaling mood, with stories about Kid Rock in concert and his own performance of show tune songs instead of stand up comedy. What’s the best pillow you ask? Andy’s got the answer!  And hey, it goes great with his Tatami mat.




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It’s a cornucopia of topics on this Thanksgiving day podcast. Clowns make their way into the episode and I’m not just talking about the guys.

Tom, Andy, and Ben discuss the merits of Ben making a special announcement that may not be so special after all. Or, will it? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Andy’s out, but you’re in for a treat with this week’s extra-long pre-podcast banter. Once things get going, it’s about mullets, Shake Shack, Ben’s temporary disappearance, showbiz “breakdowns” and more!

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Suffice it to say that this week’s podcast recalls the many times things didn’t end well for the animals, most notably the infamous toaster incident.

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The podcast pals don’t disappoint with this week’s not-so-private confab.

We learn the history of that heritage soda pop named Moxie. Was Patrick Stewart really the lead in a classic Christmas movie? (No, not that Christmas movie.) Tom didn’t like the TV show Friends! Huh? Hey, while you’re listening to this week’s episode, how about some crab potato chips?

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On this week’s podcast:

  • Is Staten Island a borough?
  • Ben may have known a working girl or two, but the movie? Not so much…
  • Speaking of movies, a Willy Wonka prequel? The guys aren’t high on that.
  • Tim and Andy have the scoop on virtual reality.
  • Are you allowed to eat anything on a smoothie diet?

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Today on the big show, where the heck did the word ombudsman come from? And should governors be gubenors?

Ben doesn’t want to hear about any more Beatles talk. The Stones rule!

Today’s money tip: Cashinos!

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This podcast begins on a new age note, harking back to the sounds of Kitaro. We then follow a jagged technological timeline into the world of compact discs, 4K TVs and “aeroplane” sounds.

We learn that it’s comforting to remember and relive books from our youth. Somehow this long and winding road brings us to Tom’s party discussions on Milton Friedman, as well as the Dewey Decimal System, Pearl Jam Ten and the excellent chance that we’ll lose listeners from South Boston.

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It’s dairy dreams for Ben on this week’s podcast. It must have been scary enough to keep Tom from showing up, but that’s another story.

Speaking of scary, the conversation turned to poltergeists and haunted houses. Could this be the pre-Halloween podcast? Let’s run with that.

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It was the Wednesday football wrap-up on the podcast. Tom shared a very important tip for those heading to a chilly stadium for a game.

You down with OPP (Other People’s Podcasts)? We find out what else gets Tom’s ear in the podcast realm.


What’s a toothbrush club?

Andy’s gotten himself some Dots.

Are you a polite person, or a good person?

And does Ben know who Boo Radley is?


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