NJ Slave Assignment Sparks Outrage

    Photo courtesy: WTXF - MyFOXPhilly.com

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    Photo courtesy: WTXF - MyFOXPhilly.com
    Photo courtesy: WTXF – MyFOXPhilly.com

    Outrage over an assignment to close out Black History Month at a New Jersey school draws civil rights advocates to a school board meeting.

    FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig has the story:

    Audio clip:

    Photo courtesy: WTXF - MyFOXPhilly.com
    Photo courtesy: WTXF – MyFOXPhilly.com

    Penns Grove Middle School special education students in southern New Jersey choosing between being a slave owner or an abolitionist and creating a poster defending their position.  The assignment drawing the ire of Walter Hudson and the National Awareness Alliance.

    (Hudson) “It’s inappropriate to have students to become a slave master, pick a slave, pick a plantation for their slave and create a poster.”

    One poster in particular resembling a Wanted poster for a runaway slave.  District Superintendent Dr. Joseph Massare says the veteran teacher possibly taking things too far.

    (Dr. Massare) “Try to be more sensitive in the future when we deal with this type of historical cause.”

    But the district not providing the formal apology the Alliance is seeking.

    Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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