FDNY Firefighters Stop Meat Cleaver Attack

    Photo courtesy: MyFOXNY.com

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    Photo courtesy: MyFOXNY.com
    Photo courtesy: MyFOXNY.com

    Police stop crime and firefighters put out blazes.  But some of New York City’s firefighters took on the role of police when they stepped in to save a woman’s life with no flames around.

    FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig has the story from New York City:

    Audio clip:

    Photo courtesy: MyFOXNY.com
    Photo courtesy: MyFOXNY.com

    It wasn’t cops, but firefighters who were closest when a man began attacking his wife in New York’s Chinatown early Sunday.  Jose Ortiz and two more of New York’s Bravest jumping into action as 28-year-old Ming Guang Huang pulled out a meat cleaver.

    (Ortiz) “I rush him.  I’m trying to grab the cleaver, but he’s swinging.”

    Securing cameras capture the whole thing, as it takes all three firefighters to subdue Huang.  His wife manages to escape, despite being struck 6-8 times.

    (Clark) “Back of the neck, her sides, her arm.  One very deep one on the back of the head, which was our main concern.”

    …Firefighter Shane Clark.  She’s hospitalized in stable condition.  Huang’s charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.

    In New York, Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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