Fake Wheelchair Users On The Rise

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    A lot more people are using wheelchairs at airports, but many of them are perfectly healthy.

    FOX News Radio’s Steve Knight reports:

    Audio clip:

    One airport wheelchair attendant says, “We call ’em miracles”– people wheeled past security and right to the gate who suddenly jump up, grab their bags and rush onto the plane.

    Federal law requires that anybody who asks for a wheelchair be given one, free, no questions asked.

    A Wall Street Journal survey finds that fraudulent wheelchair use is up all across the country.

    Officials at the LA airport estimate that 15% of all requests are phony.

    Airports can’t challenge anybody requesting a wheelchair and they can’t refuse service.

    Disability advocates point out that illegitimate requests for wheelchairs at LA’s airport often add 20 minutes to the wait for a wheelchair for a traveler who really needs one.

    Steve Knight, Fox News Radio.