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Crisis averted! Brian is shocked that the fiscal cliff deal actually passed, but in the end, what did the Republicans get?


Syndicated columnist and bestselling author Mark Steyn weighed in on the fiscal cliff deal.  Mark said he is not surprised the deal got done and looks the way it does. “I think it ought to be deeply embarrassing to any developing society that 300 million people are sitting there on Monday and they don’t know what their tax rates are going to be on Tuesday.  That’s the mark of shame,” Mark said.

Watch the interview with Mark Steyn here

Author of Your Killer Emotions Ken Lindner talked to Brian about how individuals can sabotage themselves and their success with how they view things and how they act.  “People can be brilliant – they can have amazing life strategies; but if they let their toxic emotions cloud their best judgment… they can make disastrous life decisions,” Ken said.  He also talked about the seven steps to mastering your emotions. You can learn about the seven steps at

Watch the interview with Ken Lindner here


Chad Pergram weighed in on the fiscal cliff deal, and how Boehner was able to get congress to pass the deal.  Pergram said that, “On every major bill that’s passed the House this congress, Boehner has had to turn to Democrats to pass bills.”

President of Motivate America, Inc. and founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day Kevin McCrudden talked to Brian about why he decided to pass this day through congress.  He explained why today was an ideal day to make National Motivation & Inspiration Day, and gave tips on how to stick with your New Year’s resolution.


Emmy award-winning host of NBC’s “Today” and author of Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle for Good Al Roker stopped by and talked about his weight loss journey and constant battle.  Al said that the key to his weight loss success was his reason: “So many times we [lose weight] because we think our wife wants it, or our kids, or mom or dad.  You have to realize that you are the reason to do this… Your self-worth is why you want to do this…  At the end of the day, you have to want to do it for yourself.”

Watch the interview with Al Roker here

“I don’t know when it stops!” Bill Hemmer stopped by and talked to Brian about the fiscal cliff deal, and where America is going to go from here.  Bill is not happy with the way Washington handled the negotiations, and politicians not thinking about the American people:  “Don’t you think that people are just sick and tired of politicians claiming political victories and not winning the national economic war?”