Baseball Intern Ejected for “Three Blind Mice” [VIDEO]

A summer intern for a minor league baseball team was thrown out of a game Wednesday night – from the press box.

FOX News Radio’s Paul Stevens explains:

Audio clip:

Derek Dye, heading into his senior year at the University of Illinois, is interning for the minor league Class A Daytona Cubs in Florida.  He got a chance to run the team’s music Wednesday night from the press box, deciding to play “Three Blind Mice”…

(Organ Music – “Three Blind Mice”)

…After a close call at first base.  Home plate umpire Mario Seneca was not pleased.

(NATS – Seneca) “You’re gone!”

“You’re gone,” as in ejected from the game.  Seneca, also shutting down the PA.

(NATS – Seneca) “Turn the sound off the rest of the night.”

Team officials say yes, the ump was justified, according to baseball rules.

Paul Stevens, FOX News Radio.

WATCH Derek Dye’s ejection in this video, provided by the Daytona Cubs:

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