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FOX in the Fast Lane: Subway Fresh Fit 500 (Phoenix)

NASCAR is in Phoenix for the Subway Fresh Fit 500, where Matt Kenseth is trying to focus after winning Daytona.  Brad Keselowski is finding new fans through social media thanks to his live tweeting, but news isn’t so good for Jimmie Johnson.

FOX News Radio’s Marghiee “Trackside” Teshineh has details in this week’s “FOX in the Fast Lane”:

Audio clip:

Matt Kenseth admits it’s difficult to focus on this week’s race at Phoenix after winning Daytona.

(Kenseth) “When we get to Phoenix, you got to forget about  it and go racing all year, and try to work towards the ultimate goal of winning a championship.”

After a decent run last fall at Phoenix, Brad Keselowski rates his chances this year as…

(Keselowski) “…More than optimistic to go to Phoenix and hopefully not just bought a good finish, but maybe even contend for a win.”

And NASCAR okays Keselowski to keep his cellphone with him during races.  Keselowski was on Twitter during the Daytona 500’s two-hour delay, tweeting and even picking up over 140,000 new followers.

And Jimmie Johnson’s crew and car chief, suspended for six races after Johnson’s car failed an inspection before Daytona.  Crew Chief Chad Knaus, fined $100,000, and Johnson was docked 25 points – sending him to Phoenix with -23 points!

FOX in the Fast Lane, I’m Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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