Libya Latest: Liberation Celebrations As Qaddafi’s Body Lays in Freezer

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    When and where will Muammar al-Qaddafi be buried?  It’s a question that continues to persist days after his death, as his body continues to be viewed by freedom fighters in a commercial freezer.

    FOX’s David Piper has more from Tripoli:

    Audio clip:

    Meanwhile, Libya’s National Transitional Council has declared liberation of the country.  In an address to the people of Libya, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said Islamic Sharia Law will now be the basic source of legislation in the country, and existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam will be nullified.

    FOX’s David Piper has more on that from Tripoli:

    Audio clip:

    Hear some of the celebrations in the rebel capital of Benghazi HERE:

    Audio clip: