Perino and Stirewalt Podcast

Perino & Stirewalt: I'll Tell You What

Dana Perino - host of The Daily Briefing and co-host of The Five - and FOX News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt dissect the ins and outs of national politics.

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This week, we're flashing back to February 22nd, 2017.About a month into the Trump Presidency, Dana and Chris discuss the challenge the new administration has filling presidential appointed federal leadership roles. They also discuss party stances on immigration reform and Dana shares a funny anecdote from her time as press secretary for Congressman Dan Schaefer.

This week, Dana has returned to the podcast studio due to tropical storm Isaias. Dana and Chris discuss the three proposed executive orders from the Trump administration in response to COVID-19, Dana's interview with Dr. Jill Biden and Tuesday's primary races. Dana shares the cause of the mysterious blood splatter throughout her home and Chris raves about "the perfect, most balanced, most fantastic chex mix ever."

This week, Dana is on vacation. Chris is in-studio, joined by Echelon Insights pollster and Washington Examiner columnist, Kristen Soltis Anderson. They discuss Kristen's new rescue dog Wally and all-things polling.

This week, Dana and Chris discuss all of the political action from the White House and Congress as COVID-19 continues to challenge the United States. They discuss the GOP's proposed stimulus bill, unemployment, the return of schools, and President Trump's chance at reclaiming the 2020 election.

This week, we're flashing back to July 15th, 2016. Chris is on the ground in Ohio at the Republican National Convention, and Dana is in the studio in New York.

This week, Dana and Chris sound off about technical difficulties and the oppressive mid-Atlantic heat during Dana's vacation week. They discuss posturing from Capitol Hill as Congress attempts to plan additional stimulus legislation, competitive races for the 2020 congressional elections, updates from the most recent Fox News Poll, and more thoughts on school re-openings.

Dana is in the studio with her husband, Peter McMahon, while Chris is out with laryngitis. Dana and Peter discuss a couple of pieces of international news including the then-pending British exit from the European Union, French President Emanual Macron’s new fuel tax and Peter’s “voice for radio."

This week, Dana and Chris discuss Jeff Sessions' loss in Alabama’s GOP Primary on Tuesday, Democrats who are pushing to end the filibuster in the Senate, the potential for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to retire from the Supreme Court, and how mail-in voting will contribute to the election from a variety of angles.

This week, we're flashing back to October 11th, 2017. Chris is in the studio with Dana, and he has the meat sweats. They discuss their childhood homes, an interview Dana did with Condoleezza Rice on flashpoints from the Bush Administration, and how Geroge W. Bush and other former Presidents might think about their political legacies.

This week, Dana and Chris discuss the SCOTUS's opinion on the Electoral College, President Biden's ability to debate President Trump and the potential for Republicans to hold on to the Senate. They also touch on the possibility of reopening schools this fall, the continued debate on mask-wearing and Dana's small business shopping spree. Plus, Chris tries his hand at presidential facial hair trivia.

In anticipation of Independence Day, Dana tasks Chris with two forms of trivia. He is asked to match a Founding Father to a given quote and to name the six signers of the declaration who also signed the constitution. They also discuss government-funded local news, who's funny on twitter, and Producer Jason Bonewald's fashion choices. 

This week, Dana and Chris look ahead to Independence Day and touch base on their latest culinary feats after a long food-talk hiatus. They also discuss the importance of American history during these unsettled times, and the pandemic's continued challenges to the presidential race. Plus, Chris attempts to crush presidential quote trivia.