Everyone Talks to Liz Claman

Everyone Talks To Liz Claman

Liz presents motivational stories about some of today's most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. This podcast will provide feel-good accounts that will leave the listener feeling inspired and moved.

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This week, Liz Claman is joined by the Executive Director of Syrian Youth Empowerment, George Batah. George shares how his upbringing in Syria and love for the United States inspired him to found Syrian Youth Empowerment, a program that supports students from Syria and other conflict countries secure educational opportunities in the United States.

This week, Liz is revisiting some of the best moments from past episodes. Marc Randolph: co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, Anne Beiler: the founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, and Donna Brazile: former DNC Chairwoman, Adjunct Lecturer at Georgetown University and FOX News Contributor share their motivational stories.

This week, Liz Claman is joined by the Co-Founders of Bantam Bagels, Nick and Elyse Oleksak. Nick and Elyse share how they left their jobs on Wall Street to become entrepreneurs and create their iconic bagel balls.

This week, Liz is joined by infectious disease epidemiologist, Dr. Anne Rimoin who explains how her early work studying Ebola, the coronavirus spread and more.

This week, Liz revisits her conversation Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom Video Communications, from July of 2019.

This week, Liz is joined by former Cisco CEO & founder of JC2 Ventures, John Chambers. John details the years he spent leading Cisco through economic downturns, pandemics, and more; and how his experiences have given him to tools to be an expert coach for the young CEOs he invests in now.

This week, Liz Claman is joined by Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini. Nardini discusses how her passion for the brand and unrelenting hard work landed her the top spot at the coveted sports, culture, and media company Barstool Sports.

This week, Liz is joined by CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, Cynthia Marshall. Marshall discusses the importance of building systemic cultural change in our corporations and beyond.

This week, Liz is joined by BCT Partners Co-Founder, Randal Pinkett. Pinkett walks listeners through his chief principals for corporations working toward improved diversity practices and weighs in on President Trump's re-electability in the 2020 election. 

This week, Liz is joined by Chef Rocco DiSpirito. DiSpirito brings listeners through his culinary career, from training in kitchens in France as a teen to becoming a world-renowned cookbook author and television star. DiSpirito shares why he wrote his latest cookbook Rocco's Keto Comfort Food Diet, and gives listeners his recipe for super-simple Pasta Carbonara.

This week, Liz speaks with 305 Fitness founder, Sadie Kurzban. Kurzban explains how she grew 305 Fitness from a college passion-project into a fitness sensation, and how her company's has responded to the challenges of COVID-19.

This week, Liz is joined by Stericycle CEO, Cindy Miller. Cindy explains how her humble beginnings as a truck driver have informed her leadership with empathy and commitment to great work.