SCOTUS blocked a citizenship question from being added to the 2020 census. Plus, commentary by Chris Wallace.

Ten more Democrats prepare to head to the debate stage tonight. Plus, commentary by Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs.

Tonight the first ten democratic hopefuls will appear for the first debate of their presidential campaign. Plus, commentary by Kat Timpf.

Files from DHS reveal that hundreds of migrants crossing the southern border have criminal histories in the U.S. Plus, commentary by Mary Anne Marsh.

POTUS’ red line with Iran, and commentary by Abby Hornacek

Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter explains what sets President Trump apart from his predecessors. Plus, commentary by Deroy Murdock.

Tensions between the US and Iran continue to escalate. Plus, commentary by Jonathan Morris.

President Donald Trump officially kicks off his 2020 campaign. Plus, commentary by Charlie Hurt.

POTUS tries to stay ahead, and commentary by Judge Andrew Napolitano

President Trump amps up his attacks on Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. Plus, commentary by Liz Claman.

President Trump is declaring victory after Mexico agreed to help stem the tide of Central American migrants in order to avoid steep tariffs. Plus, commentary by Jessica Tarlov.

Another US tourist dies abroad, and commentary by Britt McHenry

The U.S. Border Patrol reported more than 144, 000 undocumented immigrants at the southern border in May. Plus, commentary by Robby Soave.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France during World War II. Plus, commentary by Robert Charles.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is calling a special legislative session to address gun violence. Plus, commentary by Harris Faulkner.

Major flooding continues along the Arkansas River. Plus, commentary by Rich Matta.

A new gene therapy approved by the FDA, and commentary by Mark Penn

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand discuss her fight to secure her spot on the debate stage. Plus, commentary by Leslie Marshall.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly for first time since the release of his Russia report. Plus, commentary by Deroy Murdock.

Tensions between the United State and Iran continue to rise with plans to send more troops to the region. Plus, commentary by Mary Anne Marsh.

Fighting to stay the first to vote, and commentary by Howard Kurtz

Summer travel season kicks off, commentary by Deroy Murdock

The House intelligence Committee has agreed not to enforce a subpoena against Attorney General William Barr. Plus, commentary by Chris Wallace

John Walker Lindh, nicknamed the “American Taliban,” will be released today. Plus, commentary by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Alice Marie Johnson joins the podcast to discuss being commuted by President Trump. Plus, commentary by Leslie Marshall.

The China Trade War continues, and commentary by Karol Markowicz

Growing tensions between the United States and Iran have brought the unstable relationship between the two nations into the spotlight. Plus, commentary by Howard Kurtz.

An emerging theme going into the 2020 presidential election is the ideological debate between ‘capitalism vs. socialism’. Plus, commentary by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Donna Brazile weighs in on how Democrat candidates could separate themselves. Plus, commentary by Kat Timpf.

Carter Page shares his story. Plus, commentary Karol Markowicz.

The Midwest battles flooding, and commentary by Tyrus

Plus, commentary by Chris Wallace

The House Judiciary Committee votes to hold AG Barr in contempt. Plus, commentary by Deroy Murdock.

The U.S. is accusing China of backtracking on trade promises. Plus, commentary by Britt McHenry.

Author and 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson discusses how her non-political background sets her apart. Plus, commentary by Kimberley Strassel .

Property owners suing Cuba, and commentary by Marie Harf