Kellyanne Conway spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Mike Pompeo saying in his new book that Nikki Haley was working behind the scenes with Jared Kushner to replace Mike Pence as Vice President. Conway says this was true about trying to get Pence off the presidential ticket back in 2018. Conway wishes Haley was more resolute in saying please don’t talk about this. Conway also said she thought it was so naive from some of the political novices that she worked with in the White House like Jared Kushner to think let’s just get rid of the Vice President. Conway also agreed with Pompeo saying in the book that the role of U.N Ambassador is far less important than people think and asking why she would quit as U.N Ambassador if she thought it was an important job. Conway feels Haley left too early and believes you don’t leave a job if there is still work to do. Conway also thinks Pompeo was taking a shot at John Bolton by calling into question the job of the of the U.N. Ambassador.