Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about being deeply troubled at the lengths the Biden Administration has gone to cover up the handling of classified documents. Banks said there is a contrast between the way the DOJ has handled President Biden compared to the unprecedented move that the Department of Justice made when they raided the home of former President Donald Trump. Banks says that the Biden Center, where some of the classified documents were found, is funded by tens and tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. Banks believes there’s so much bribing and corruption here, we owe it to the American people with this new House majority to investigate the corruption of the Biden family. When asked about the upcoming vote on the debt ceiling Banks said we owe it to America to use the debt limit as a leverage point for a fight over fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget and cutting wasteful spending. Banks thinks there will be squishy Republicans who want us to just roll over and raise the debt limit and move on. Banks says it is no time for squishy weak republicans anymore.