Bill Gates assures us, fake meat will someday be “very good.”

Um..I’ll pass!

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Since the dawn of time, humans have been eating meat- real meat- not that bio-engineered or soy crap the hippies are trying to shove down our throats these days!

Yes, the tree and animal hugging crowd wants to convince you to ditch real meat for that sludge they think will save the planet.

And Bill Gates wants you to know that eventually those fake alternatives will be “very good.” Yes, he wants you to stop eating meat and switch to that engineered mystery product concocted from animal cells in a lab.

Listen up Bill, it’s one thing to be vegetarian or vegan but it’s quite another to eat some science experiment developed by a bunch of white coats!

No thanks. I’ll take my meat real, American, and raised by ranchers, not academics!

These liberals wanna ruin everything but we draw the line at our red meat!

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