Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) one of the co-chairs of the Problem Solvers Caucus tells Brian Kilmeade that he feels the meeting last night with members of the Freedom Caucus who are holding out voting for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House helped reduce the temperature and is hopeful something can be worked out. Fitzpatrick says nobody can get to 218 votes except McCarthy. Fitzpatrick believes the choices are either Kevin McCarthy gets elected with Republican votes or we have to form some kind of coalition government across the aisle. Fitzpatrick also hopes there will not be a vote today because it will be another show vote and if people want to put up a vote they just want to see another day of a sideshow circus. Fitzpatrick also pushed back on the narrative that McCarthy should drop out, saying he has never been part of a round robin where the person with 90% of the vote drops out. Fitzpatrick says he will stick with him and will be here on the 4th of July voting for McCarthy if it takes that long.