Dana Perino Offers Pointed Advice To New White House Press Secretary

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dana Perino, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom as well as co-host of The Five joined the Guy Benson Show to offer friendly advice to incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Perino gave some pointed advice to Jean-Pierre as questionable tweets circulate before she is set to become White House press secretary saying,

“Guy, you know, I didn’t even have Twitter or Facebook in January of 2009 when I left the White House. And had I had Twitter or Facebook leading up to that one, I would have had to own everything I had said before, too. I still think I could have done a good job, but three, I would have to accept the fact that people might be skeptical of me. So I think that in a way, one of the things that she could do is to say that on her first day at the podium, to say, I am honored to be here, I had a different job before I came to the White House. My job was to be a commentator. And I love that job, but I love this job as much. And I take it very seriously. I am a press secretary for all Americans, not just Democratic Americans. And so I might have to earn your trust. I intend to earn your trust. And you’ll just have to try. You’ll just have to go with me here. I’m not asking for a blank slate, I said. But I said, I know I did. But from here on out, I hope that you can see me as a press secretary for all people. And I think that that guy might be the best way to try to deal with it.”

Perino also added,
“Well, I I’ve been in the briefing room. Everything’s on the table. And she can bristle at it, but, she needs to have a way to deal with it. Like, if she were to do something like I just laid out, she could then refer to back to that, say, Peter, as I said, I had a different job before. My job now is to speak on behalf of the president of the United States. I’m happy to answer any of those questions. I’m not saying that I’m deleting those tweets. They exist and they are what they are. But my job now is to be here. And do you have another question?”