How quickly a couple of tweets can change everything. Former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci cut ties with President Trump Monday after a very public feud on Twitter. A little more than a week before their spat, Scaramucci recorded this podcast and said at the time he would continue to push for President Trump on the campaign trail. This is clearly no longer the case.

Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, also referenced some of President Trump's "racist" comments, specifically those urging illegal immigrants to "go back to your country." But in his view, Scaramucci doesn't believe President Trump is a racist despite arguing that this phrase has been used by racists throughout time, including toward his own grandmother who came to New York from Italy.

"Nobody likes winning more than ," Scaramucci claimed, adding that he will win big in his re-election campaign and if he dials back his rhetoric, can work to unify the country in his second term. 

He also says what he loves about President Trump is that he understands people who have "economic aspiration" and is pulling people out of "economic desperation" so they can achieve "economic prosperity."