England's Nigel Farage joins the podcast this week to discuss British and American politics.

Farage is the Vice Chairman of "Leave Means Leave", former UKIP Leader, and European Parliament Member. Farage details how he first envisioned Brexit as a commodities trader in the 80s when he realized that Britain, a great global trading power, shouldn't be tying itself economically to Europe. But he was a "Lone Ranger" supporting that ideology through much of the 90s in the political realm.

Finally becoming a member of the parliament, Farage discusses how he had the platform to push for Brexit. Farage said, "If you speak the unspeakable people begin to think the unthinkable."

With Brexit currently very much on the rocks, Farage says the "The genie is out of the bottle" and Brexit will happen, just probably not soon.

Farage, a friend of President Donald Trump, is seeing a shift in England where more people are starting to come around to liking him. England has been very critical of President Trump, but even the "The Times of London" has remarked on his commitment to campaign promises. Farage believes President Trump will win in 2020 by even larger margins.