Who Let The Dogs Out? Donald Trump, the first president in more than a century not to have an official White House pet, took a shot at dog owners at a Monday rally, saying it'd feel "phony" for him to have a canine. Trump said he questioned U.S. Border Patrol and Secret Service members about how well dogs can seek out drugs crossing the border. But just after touting an anecdote about a German Shepherd's ability to find drugs, the president was questioned by the crowd about his personal opinions on owning a pet. "Guy looks at me, and he goes, sir, honestly, it's not as good' [as the dogs], can you believe it?" Trump told exuberant rally-goers in Texas Monday. "A German Shepherd, certain types of dogs. Pretty good. You do love your dogs, don't you?" "I wouldn't mind having one honestly but I don't have any time.," Trump continued. "How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn, would that be --" Trump said as the crowd cheered over him. "It's sort of not, I don't feel it. It feels a little phony to me."

Should the 45th President have a pet in the White House? Fox News Radio's Guy Benson & Marie Harf discuss.

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