Not Happy! President Trump said Tuesday he is "not happy" with the tentative deal congressional negotiators have worked out on border security, as they face a Friday deadline to avert a second government shutdown. But while the president expressed his displeasure at what was agreed to by lawmakers on Monday night, he added that he does not believe there will be another shutdown in the end. "Am I happy at first glance?" Trump said. "The answer is no. I'm not happy." A committee negotiating new border security measures tentatively agreed Monday night to dedicate $1.4 billion to Trump's border wall, far less than his $5.7 billion goal. The emerging deal drops Democratic demands to seriously limit detentions of immigrants illegally in the U.S. The agreement also calls for 55 miles of metal slats or other types of new fencing, as opposed to a concrete wall. The fencing would be built in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. The pact includes money for other border security measures, including advanced screening at border entry points and customs officers. The huge funding measure, which combines seven spending bills into one, would fund several federal agencies through Sept. 30.

Fox News Radio's Marie Harf and Guy Benson gets the breakdown from Fox News Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram.

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Marie Harf: [00:00:01] Welcome back to Benson and Harf. Marie Harf in Philadelphia tonight guys in Washington D.C. We're just down the street from our studio. Members of Congress are working very hard allegedly to try and keep the government open on Friday to get a deal. A tentative deal that congressional negotiators have worked out. The deadline is Friday to avoid this shutdown this time. Joining us now Chad Pergram Fox News's senior producer for Capitol Hill. He's live up there tonight. Chad give us the latest. What is happening with these negotiations.

Chad Pergram: [00:00:34] Well the negotiations are finished. What they're trying to do right now is get the bill into legislative text form so they can vote on it. Now I talked to Steny Hoyer he's the House majority leader just a couple of hours ago and he thought that they could vote on that as early as tomorrow. That seems a little ambitious but you know the key. Like it happens with all these big bills it comes down to getting the votes. I also spoke with Kay Granger she's the Republican congresswoman from Texas who is the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee. And she didn't think that there was going to be a problem getting Republican conferees or members of the Appropriations Committee to sign off on a final conference report. The question remains will the president signed this at the end of the day. Now Mark Meadows Republican congressman from North Carolina he of course is the chair of the Freedom Caucus. He indicated that he thought the president is not going to veto this either that he's going to sign this overall agreement that the appropriators you know forged yesterday or sign off on an interim spending bill to keep the government open and avoid a shutdown. I said well you know how far down the tracks are we. Is there anything you can do to stop it? He was you know he said well he said the fat lady is not even warming up she's already into her first. So that kind of tells you right there that people think that you know some of this is a fait accompli. But you know the devil is going to be in the details. Are they going to be able to find the votes once people start looking at legislative text and I can tell you just from experience without question they always get to the end and then they find some little details some little provisions somewhere that you know might imperil the entire piece of legislation.

Guy Benson: [00:02:11] Chad. Could they potentially pass a very shortC.R. just to give them a little bit more time to craft this thing well and iron out those types of problems.

Chad Pergram: [00:02:23] I was told that they could do that early in the process and you would never rule anything out. Now I ask all these appropriators throughout the process to even talk about a C.R. And they said no. So you know that has not even been on the table. They could. But that's not part of the conversation right now.

Marie Harf: [00:02:43] So Chad you know this changes every minute basically and we still don't the president Trump said today is quote not happy. So we still don't have clarity from the White House. We have one minute left. What do you think is the most likely scenario over the next 24 hours that we're going to see happen here.

Chad Pergram [00:03:00] Well the most likely scenario frankly is that there's no shutdown that they are there probably about 60 to 70 percent there. I was told that a number of Republicans who you think might not vote you otherwise you might not think would vote for it will actually wind up supporting it. You know voting for border security is actually a good vote for moderate Democrats. Nancy Pelosi the House speaker knows that. Is there a fly in the ointment is Rand Paul the Republican senator from Texas. You know throw up some barrier if you just get this bill on Friday.

Marie Harf: [00:03:27] Yeah.

Chad Pergram [00:03:28] In the Senate it takes longer to do things. We'll see that that could potentially be an issue.

Marie Harf: [00:03:33] Chad it takes longer than it should for anyone to get things done in Washington Chad Pergram up on Capitol Hill tonight. Thank you for bringing us up to speed on this. I'm sure we'll be back in touch with you soon. And we'll be right back after this break.