Special guest Lara Trump joins the podcast this week.

Trump said she never envisioned caring about politics the way she does now.  Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina and studying at the Culinary Institute of America, she never could have predicted stumping for a presidential candidate or being able to walk through the front doors of The White House.

Before President Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, he told his family on his birthday, two days before he made his announcement, that he was planning on running.  Lara Trump revealed that he told his family, "It's not just about me, it's about all of us."  But as he prepared to make his announcement many people in the media said it was just a publicity stunt".  Lara Trump recalled thinking, "Is there something we don't know?"

Despite the widespread doubt, Trump said everyone in the campaign knew he would win because they were traveling the country and getting the true reading of the country.  Trump said, "By the time he became the actual Republican nominee, I think we all knew because we've been out in the country, we felt the movement forming behind him."

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Trump remembered President Trump's incredible work ethic on the campaign trail, saying after a full day of rallies and traveling, at the end of the day he would keep pushing the team to go to unplanned events or places to continue campaigning, often being the only one with energy left.

Asked about President Trump's famous appetite for fast food and being able to work for so long without sleep, Trump said, "It's sort of amazing.  I think he's got the greatest genetics ever."

Asked about the current situation with Michael Cohen and the betrayal of Omarosa, she said, "We learned who our true friends were."  Trump also pointed out that Omarosa's betrayal was very personal because they both traveled the country together while working with "Women for Trump" and she even attended Trump's baby shower.   She said working on the campaign together felt like they went to war together, making her betrayal very hurtful.

When she isn't involved in politics, Trump works with rescue animals.  She was instrumental in outlawing greyhound racing in Florida during the 2018 midterm elections. On rescuing animals, Trump said, "They know you rescued them, they are forever grateful to you."