Rich Lowry, editor of National Review and syndicated columnist, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to give his take on the news of the day. 

On the Weekly Standard: I think it's a great loss. I think it's a loss whenever a serious opinion magazine goes out business, whether it's on the right or on the left and the Weekly Standard was just a model of this genre of this kind of publication. They cared about writing above all. They cared about ideas and interesting arguments and driving the debate, which at its height it did in and way few key magazines have. (00:54)

On a government shutdown: I think it will be some sort of messy compromise. The idea that there was going to be a shut down over this never made much sense because if it was going to be Trump vetoing and causing a shutdown it would have to be over a bill that would pass a Republican House and pass a Republican Senate. So it would sort of be a Republican on Republican shutdown. I thought that Oval Office meeting, which was as it's captivating as any Trump spectacle we've seen over the last couple months that Trump really stepped in it at the end. That was the conventional view, but I think it was the right one. It's just when you take ownership of a shutdown you lose the shutdown fight. That's just the basic physics of how it works. (3:22)

On Comey's comments Monday on Capitol Hill: He's just become more and more insufferable. There's one intelligence official, I forget who it was, who said, a year ago or so,those of us who occupy the highest positions in government with the very most sensitive powers have responsibilities once we leave not make people think we are partisan hacks when we had all that sensitive power. John Brennan hasn't abided by that standard and increasingly James Comey hasn't. I thought what was most appalling was this 90 second interview he did where he was basically spiking the football about how he manipulated the process and took advantage of the fact that the White House didn't yet know how things worked and was just it's initial days to send these FBI agents to interview Michael Flynn without the typical protocols in place, in a way that's in a partly victimized Flynn, partly Flynn victimized himself because there's really no reason for him to lie, but it's just that an FBI Director would basically be bragging about such a maneuver in front of a partisan audience is just appalling. (5:32)

On McSally being appointed to Senate: I guess guess pretty good result where it you know both of them can win.  It may be part of the reason the cynics said McSally was so gracious in her statement conceding defeat and sort of relaxed about the process all along that maybe this is one of the reasons why. She knew she had this possibility in her back pocket. (10:22)