After testifying before House lawmakers on Monday, former FBI Director James Comey slammed President Trump and top Republicans for purportedly not being truthful.

Comey was questioned over issues related to the Russia probe, including an FBI document related to the anti-Trump dossier.

Mollie Hemingway, Fox News Contributor and senior editor at "The Federalist," joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss James Comey and Michael Cohen. 

On Comey attacking Republicans, Fox News, and Trump: It's unsurprising that it's coming from James Comey but it is disappointing nonetheless. You hear something like this and you get the idea that maybe this guy wasn't the impartial person he presented himself as when he was running the Clinton and Trump investigations and maybe he's not the kind of dispassionate person you want running a large law enforcement intelligence agency. This is frankly unhinged. It's unbecoming. (1:54)

On Comey and others sounding like Democratic pundits helping Trump's argument: It totally serves his argument and you wonder why they do it. Except, there was another thing in the statement you played that kind of gives the plot away, which is he doesn't like that Fox News is the one place where you might hear a little bit of back and forth on this topic.  So, a lot of media outlets are just sort of accepting intelligence agencies spin, completely receive leaks uncritically and they just print whatever they get from various law enforcement or intelligence agencies in a way that would be shameful for journalists of previous decades. (5:55)

On Trump's tweet calling Cohen a 'rat': First off, think that the fact that Donald Trump employed people like Michael Cohen is the most discrediting thing of all. You can look at him and say this is not the kind of person you want close to your president and it's not just Cohen. It's a ton of people like that.  I think there's a lot of bad stuff going on. I also don't like the language of calling him a 'rat.'  I think that's just unbecoming of the president. Having said all of that, first off, I think when he's talking about why didn't the FBI raid the DNC or Hillary Clinton's office this is really what the whole rule of law gets down to.  You have broad prosecutorial discretion and during the Clinton email investigation you had everybody up to and including Hillary Clinton on false statements... Instead of ringing her up on a false statement or ringing up any of the other people on false statements they were handed out immunity like candy. They refused to prosecute her on false statements and then when they had this other investigation they're squeezing everybody. (11:50)